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“I couldn’t walk up and down stairs without being in significant pain. After my treatments with The Advanced Spine & Joint Institute, I am now able to walk up and down stairs without pain in my knees.”
Mary R.

“I have been to many Doctors and Chiropractors with my lower back pain over the past 7 years, nothing seemed to help. I did the laser treatments at The Advanced Spine & Joint Institute for my lower back and WOW, MY BACK PAIN IS 90% BETTER.”
Allan M.

“I was told I needed both of my knees replaced by two different Orthopedic Doctors. I saw a newspaper advertisement for a complimentary consultation at The Advanced Spine & Joint Institute and decided to make an appointment as one last hope of saving my knees. And very happy I did!!! I have had very minimal pain and haven’t even thought bout knee replacement surgery. It is now two years later and I’m back to playing golf twice a week and doing what I love.”
Harry L.

“The Doctors and staff at The Advanced Spine & Joint Institute is top notch. If you are having knee, back, neck or shoulder pain, go see them. They helped me when I thought there was no hope for saving my knee from being replaced.”
Edna P.

“I did stem cell injections on both of my knees at The Advanced Spine & Joint Institute nine months ago, This was the best investment I have ever made in myself or for my health. I no longer take any pain medications for my knees and I am walking and playing tennis again.”
Melba E.

“The laser treatments at The Advanced Spine & Joint Institute are the best!! I have wasted a lot of money and time at other Doctors offices for various treatments, and nothing worked. My back pain is completely gone now after going thru the laser program.”
Gary T.

“The free consultation exam was the most thorough exam I’ve ever received and never have waited more than five minutes for any of my appointments.”
Samantha R.

“After going thru the knee program at The Advanced Spine & Joint Institute , going up and down stairs is no longer painful for me. I am also able to dance again which I haven’t been able to do in many years. THANK YOU DR. FRYE AND STAFF!”
Phyllis J.

“If you are having knee pain, you need to call The Advanced Spine & Joint Institute. They are the best in Palm Beach County. They helped both my husband and I get back on our feet and back to our normal activities without pain.”
Ken & Shirley B.

“I feel very fortunate to live near this facility. The Advanced Spine & Joint Institute has helped me significantly and many other family members and friends of mine. They are the best when it comes to knee and back pain.”
Samuel G.

“I have plantar faciitis in my left foot, that has been so painful, it limited my activities. I constantly walked with a limp due to the significant pain. I did the laser treatments at The Advanced Spine & Joint Institute and after the second treatment I started feeling significant relief. Now after doing ten treatments my pain is gone and I have no limitations or limp due to my plantar faciitis. The laser treatments are very affordable and well worth the money. I will continue to do my maintenance treatments to keep my pain away.”
Anita G.


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